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2023 Northshore Ice Arena DEPOSIT $350.00 (new)

$ 350.00

Monday - Friday, August 14-18

AGE Groups: 2010 & Older // 2011-2012 // 2013-2014 // 2015-2016 // 2016 and younger

TOTAL COST - $750 ($400 balance due at check-in)

Join Sean Berens and the Style Big Club for the can't miss event of the summer.  This one-of-a-kind hockey experience promises to change the way you train!  We are partnering with Impact hockey!  This will be a 1 of a kind training event! Don't miss it!  Our intense 5-Day Skill Building Event with Impact hockey.  Players will be grouped by skill level and age groups to compete.

The 5+ hour a day training event will focus on age specific and position specific skill development. Style Big Club daily training routine:

  1. ON ICE(2 sessions) Physical skill sets will be improved through technical repetition and correction. Explosiveness, puck protection, and scoring techniques will be practiced allowing the player to develop skill and confidence in their game.
  2. OFF ICE(1 hour) Explosive dry land exercises are demonstrated to provide our members with the best in-season drills to directly support our on ice repetitions. 
  3. CLASSROOM/VIDEO(1 hour) our members attend a daily 1 hour classroom/video session that teaches "hockey sense" while engaging them in contest reviews.  
  4. Q & A Social Skill Building (30 min) Members learn how to work alongside others.  Team building and leadership exercises are taught to help welcome new players.

Whether you're already a member or new to the Style Big Club, this training event promises to be like no other you've seen! Welcome to the Club!

Each player will receive a Style Big Club jersey, decal, carry bag, bracelet, as well as a personal evaluation. Awards will be given for the top Dangler, Sniper, Wheeler, Hero and Most Improved Player during the camp.

 **Please include the player's name(nickname), birthdate and current club/level in the "Special Instructions" section that will appear when you add this camp to the cart. If you purchase more than 1 space, please leave all participating players' names, birthdates, and current club/level!**

Also, be sure to include your phone number in the space provided.  


Monday thru Friday, July 10-13:  9:30am drop off - 3:00pm pick up 

Friday, July 14:  Awards & Cosmic Game 11:30am-3:00pm

****All times subject to change****