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VIP Holiday Camp Dec 26-27-28 @ Edge Ice Arena

$ 225.00

Total Cost- $425 ($200 balance due at check in)

FOR All age skaters (players to be split by birthyear and ability)

This holiday season give the Golden Ticket (VIP pass) @ The Edge Ice Arena to your favorite hockey player!   If you want to take your skills to the next level, you need to learn HOW!  The Style Big Club has developed a process that promises to change the way you train forever. Take this opportunity to focus on what will truly set you apart through time.....skill development and hockey sense application.  We promise you will see results! 

This Event offers our members a fully integrated training model that focuses on the proven Style Big Club development process. Below is the daily schedule:

  1. ON ICE(1.5 hours) Your skill sets will improve!  Explosiveness, puck protection, and scoring techniques will be practiced allowing the player to develop skill and confidence in their game. Our members will have direct practice to game applications at this event.
  2. OFF ICE(1 hour) Learn HOW off ice drills can help your game play! Confidence building and off ice strength applications are developed here.  You will not find a more connected  training model than this! 
  3. Classroom (30 min) This portion of the daily programming will help you understand how to apply the skills and drills in a game situation along with the mental focus to get results.  Wolf vs. the Mouse.

Whether you are currently a member or new to the Style Big Club, this 3 Day Event promises to build the correct training techniques that improve your game!  Welcome to the Club!

Each player will receive a Style Big Club VIP pass (golden ticket to open for a gift), winter hat,  gloves, bracelet, and decal at this Event ($95 value).

Estimated Schedule:  8:30am- 11:40am