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Style Big Ambassador Program

We welcome you to our 5 Day Skill Building Camp Style Big Club Ambassador Program! You are a person who represents our hockey club in a positive light and believes our training gets results with your experience at our events.  Our Club began with 2 skaters in our original hockey camp, and have since become the fastest growing training club in the Midwest (8 locations and 2,500 students per season) because of members like YOU!  We would like to show our gratitude and offer you an earning program by helping your friends, family and teammates that are looking to take their game to the next level.


THE STYLE BIG PROMISE- We understand you have many choices to attend hockey camps in the summer.  Where you chose to learn and invest is important.  Any members you are the Ambassador to should know our promise:  If they are not completely satisfied with their experience at our 5 day skill building camps, we will return 100% of their investment PLUS 10%... Yes, we will pay you to come to our camp! We stand by our staff and platform and will always bring our passion for teaching to our members.  Welcome to the Club, we look forward to working with you!


HOW IT WORKS- As a current member of our Club, you have the ability to recommend our training events to "new members" (have not been to a 5 day skill building camp).  We have built an awards program that shows our gratitude to members that support the development model at Style Big Club.  If you bring a new member(s) to our 5 day skill building event, please have them reference your name on their reservation and you will be credited.  Below are the Ambassador Program levels:


shooting star level (1-2 new skaters) =  $50 total + (these members will receive a custom Ambassador sticker)

all star level (3-4 new skaters) = $200 total + (these members will receive a custom Ambassador sticker and laces)

super star level (5-6 new skaters) = $400 total + (these members will receive a custom Ambassador sticker and ball cap)

 rock star level (7 new skaters) = $750 total + (these members will receive a custom Ambassador sticker, hoodie and custom ball cap)


If you have any questions please email our team at