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***2024 Summer Camps are almost! SOLD OUT!!***


Does it seam like hockey camps and trainers are everywhere? We invite you to experience how we've become the fastest growing training club in the Midwest. Join the Style Big Club at any one of our 7 locations this summer season. If you're 1 of the 25,000+ students that have attended and excelled at our training club, you know we will change the way you train forever!


*We offer a full refund up to 1 month before the camp start date. Camp credits will be offered to anyone up to 2 weeks prior to the camp start date!*

The 5-Day Summer Camps are the most influential development programs offered at the Style Big Club. Each day our members receive 2 on ice sessions, a classroom/video hockey sense session, and an off ice workout that you teaches you training habits away from the rink to help your on ice skills (23+ hours). When you leave understanding how to bring practice to the games!

Click on each area of instruction to learn more:

On-Ice Technical Skill Development

skating, stick-handling, shooting, passing and vision

Technical Development is learned through proper repetition and correction. These techniques (or skills) are what scouts notice while evaluating. Our members are taught by breaking down each skill step by step, allowing them to be more confident in game situations.


"We have seen and participated in many hockey camps, no question yours surpasses any and ALL!"-Rachael M .

"Thank you for having [the boys] last week. Anytime they are on the ice with you, Joe and I see an instant improvement in both their skills and their attitudes. Also, you always have an amazing and hardworking staff. Your coaches make such a positive difference! Thank you for all that you do–see you soon!"-Gina Z.

"Great coach-to-student ratio. Lots of individual attention. Quick to address mistakes being made instead of letting kids do drills incorrectly. Fast pace, high intensity, positive and very engaging."

Off-Ice Training & Conditioning

Off Ice drill to game transfer

Start to finish there is nothing more important than understanding the difference between pain and mental blocking! We inspire our players to challenge themselves in every situation, thus getting the most return from their workouts on and off the ice. Throughout style big club events, students learn how to use European training methods to develop "quick-twitch" muscle fibers that improve explosive acceleration on the ice. Balance and muscle memory drills help create body position and strength in game situations.


"The best, most challenging in a good way, workout my child has done even in central states squirt program."

"We have done dozens of camps over the years. SB was one of the first camps to incorporate the importance of nutrition, off-ice physical training, mental training and on ice training."

Classroom / Video Sessions "hockey sense"

Cognitive Thinking

Athletes develop from more than one type of learning platform. At style big club events; physical, visual, and cognitive platforms are provided to the students. Off-ice material is presented to students in a classroom environment challenging them to think the game. The students will learn what scouts look for, and how to impress them! Mental preparation is essential for any athlete to have success. This is a tool that when learned will develop leadership qualities and game preparation not only for hockey, but also in life. To compete at your highest level, you must take advantage of every opportunity. Proper nutrition is the foundation that allows the player to be their best. By carefully selecting foods and beverages, you obtain the ideal balance of nutrients needed to compete. The style big club will educate students on which food and drink to intake before, during, and after games; as well as throughout the season.

Awards Ceremony

Celebrating Achievments

Each player will receive a hand written evaluation upon completion of the development program. Players will learn what techniques must be improved and how to do so. The Style Big Club recognizes the most focused players at the camp and awards the best with a "white" sb hat. These hats are NOT for sale and show the best of the best from the training camp!


"Very impressive. Sean took an interest in each kid which you don't see too often at these types of camps."

"It was amazing to have Sean speak on behalf of all the campers, not just the stand outs. It was very special for the kids and parents."

Cosmic Game

Show Off Your Skills

Learn and apply. You hear it in every teaching forum. How to perfect a skill and use it in a game is the ultimate goal. The Style Big Club encourages our students to be creative and apply the skills learned over the week in a game format! The Cosmic Game is set with lights, music, and live announcing for our players to experience the big stage. Confidence is a skill, and our players use it to show off their skills at the one of a kind Cosmic Game!


"Not your run of the mill, end of camp scrimmage!"

"So fun and unique."

"Great way for the kids to showcase all their new skills!"


Coaches That Care

At a 4:1 Student to Coach ratio, we don't miss a thing!  Style Big Club Coaches are committed to providing the absolute best energy to our students at every moment. They are invested in your experience and understand how to teach the right training habits. Our Staff ranges from NCAA Head Coaches to young mentors that understand how to relate to today's athlete. Our Staff reviews have been stunning at a 100% 5 star rate. We pride ourselves on making your experience at the 5 Day Skill Building Event the most exciting and productive hockey week EVER!  


"Coach Sean and the rest of the staff had high energy and really engaged with the campers in a positive way. My son couldn't stop talking about the staff."

"All the staff were excellent! They helped make those kids feel like real pro hockey players on and off the ice."

"Every member of the staff was friendly and helpful to the kids! This was the best camp that my son has attended!"



Happy Parents, Better Players

"Luke was a big fan of your camp this past week. He told me it is the best sports camp he has ever been in. And he is in travel hockey, football, and baseball. Thank you for motivating my son, and I hope to receive future camp information from you."

"We have seen and participated in many hockey camps. No question, your camp surpasses any and all expectations Mike and myself have ever had. My two boys have had the BEST time. Thank you for bringing the fun out of the greatest sport there ever was..... Hockey. Michael is our newer skater...and [with your camp] he can’t wait to come back every day. Aidan, our hockey loving kid can’t get enough, says it’s the best camp, and he loves you!"

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