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"Simply put, I want to take this opportunity as a mother to thank you for such an incredible experience at camp this week. Not only was your staff impeccable, kind, and the mentors that we hope our boys and girls can grow into; but also the overall experince was at the A+ quality–exemplary! My son Cayden came home every day sore but excited to start the next day. Our son is already talking about when he can do more camps/groups with Style Big Club BUT also how much harder he's going to work every day next year to try to be a part of Team Illinois. He already went into the basement and practiced today. Thank you! From a mom who saw her son smile on the ice, show confidence on the ice, try to work on technique and skills, AND now has a new mentor!"

Deirdre Czajkowski

"We have seen and participated in many hockey camps–no question, your camp surpasses any and all expectations Mike and myself have ever had! My two boys had the BEST time. Thank you for bringing the fun out of the greatest sport there ever Michael is our newest skater and with your camp he can't wait to come back every day. Aidan, our hockey loving kid, can't get enough. He says is the best camp and he loves you!"

Rachel McDonnell

Mother of Aidan '08 and Michael '07

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and your entire staff for this week. My wife and I were blown away by the level of your camp. Your camp had such a positive effect on Ryan both on ice and his overall excitement for hockey. Hockey is expensive and as a parent when I spend this money I'm hoping for everything he got this week. The Style Big camp exceeded our expectations–top notch from top to bottom! He worked hard, learned a lot, had tons of fun and can't wait to get back at it. Ryan can't wait to work with you again. Since starting to work you this spring, we have seen Ryan grow more and more."

Joe Bitsky

"Thank you again for a wonderful camp. Jake, once again, loved every moment of it. My husband said Jake played awesome in his next tournament. It was quaite apparent that he has raised the level of his game. Many parents were complimenting his play and his attitude. One game, the players on the other team clearly flagged him as a threat. Without a doubt, we have you to thank! Jake was ranked #4 overall in the 2005 category this weekend with points. I wish make had recorded it because on his first goal...he did the Style Big Club dance!"

Heather Knieling

Mom of '05 Player

"The boys had an absolute blast, haven't taken their hats off, and told me they couldn't have McDonald's yesterday 'cuz Coach Sean said it's bad' LOL. You made an impression and are helping keep the love of hockey in them. Thank you for a great week!

Trina Powels

"I was quite amazed by the impact that you and your staff had on Nico [this past week]. He has done his fair share of camps/clinics in the area over the the last few years, and I can honestly say Style Big far and away has been the best camp. Almost every day Nico came home asking if he could do your camp again and asking when is the next camp that you have. Even more than the on-ice skill development, your focus on repetition of the mental aspects of the game really hit home for Nico. "Success is a process not a result" is part of his vocabulary now. Nico is a very detail-oriented kid, so breaking down each skill in camp really accelerated his development and I see noticeable improvements in his game. Overall, thanks to you and your staff on running an impressive camp that will have a lasting impact on many boys and girls who play this game, no matter where it takes them. Keep doing what you are doing! "

Frank Cortez

"The time and effort you and your coaching staff put forward during your camps is tremendous. You take the time to get to know each and every player. How you do that is beyond me. The one thing I think these seven, eight, nine year olds don’t comprehend is that you care. You care enough to make them do it over and over again until they get it right. You care enough to correct them but still build them up. You care enough to make them better hockey players but more than that better kids. The improvements I have seen in my son in just one week is awesome. I know his potential but sometimes I am not sure he does. This week made him a little more aware. You and your organization are top notch. Thank you again!"

Ginger Wilk

"The week of your camp took [our son] and us by storm. The excitement he expressed daily, the constant talk about what he learned everyday, and the positive attitude he had everyday was exciting for us as parents to see. As parents this time of year is always very stressful because of the worry of him not making the team he wants will cause great disappointment for our son. So when I asked him today if he was getting excited about tryouts, something amazing happened. He stated, "I am going to do everything I can to be ready: eat right and practice." The amazing thing came when I asked him how he would feel if he didn't make the team he wanted. He said, "Then I know I didn't fail because I did everything I could to make that team." This is not something he would have said in the past. He would have reverted to talking about himself negatively. Thank you."

Nicole Handzel

"Thank you for having [the boys] last week. Anytime they are on the ice with you, Joe and I see an instant improvement in both their skills and their attitudes. Also, you always have an amazing and hardworking staff. Your coaches make such a positive difference! Thank you for all that you do–see you soon!"

Gina Zucarro

"Great camp, very impressed! You really made an impression on my daughter, Avery. Thank you for making her feel comfortable! Last night, the boys had practice after your camp and all showed up stylling the SB swag and were talking about the camp to all their teammates. More importantly, we ran a few of your stickhandling/shooting drills and their confidence with the puck has grown significantly in 3 short days."

Mike Ebben

"Just with doing your 5 day camp, some private small groups, and your pre tryout clinic he was able to make the top PW team at Huskies with Brooke. As much as I am impressed with his improvement in skills and skating, I am more impressed with the affect as a coach you have had on him. And for that I can not thank you enough!!!! He can't get enough of Style Big, has asked to come back to skate with you. Thank you for everything you do with youth hockey and for inspiring my players to be their best when they step out on the ice."

Toni Cygan