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About the Club

Success is a Process, Not a Result

The Style Big Club's development philosophy focuses on proper muscle memory and correction for each individual member. Our Multi Platform Training Model (MPTM) provides a step by step breakdown of how to practice and perfect each skill. Studies show it takes 10,000 hours of correct repetitions to become elite at a task. Hockey players are no exception - in fact they require more detailed instruction due to the sport specific body function (skating vs. walking) needed to master a skill. When you attend a Style Big Club training event you change how you train!!!

ON-ICE Technical Skill Development (skating, stick handling, shooting, passing and vision): Technical skill is learned through proper repetition and correction. These techniques (or skills) are what scouts notice while evaluating players. Style Big Club players will be shown step by step building blocks on how to make each skill easier and more efficient in a game situation.


OFF-ICE (muscle building to game transfer drills): Throughout style big club event, students learn how to improve "quick-twitch" muscle fibers that develop explosive acceleration on the ice. Balance and muscle memory off ice drills are directly linked to on ice performance.

Classroom Sessions (cognitive thinking): Athletes develop from more than one type of learning platform. At style big club events; physical, visual, and cognitive platforms are provided to the students. Off-ice material is presented to students in a classroom environment challenging them to think the game. The students will learn what scouts look for, and how to impress them! Mental preparation is essential for any athlete to have success. This is a tool that when learned will develop leadership qualities and game preparation not only for hockey, but also in life. To compete at your highest level, you must take advantage of every opportunity. Proper nutrition is the foundation that allows the player to be their best. By carefully selecting foods and beverages, you obtain the ideal balance of nutrients needed to compete. The style big club will educate students on which food and drink to intake before, during, and after games; as well as throughout the season.


"The boys had an absolute blast, haven't taken their hats off, and told me they couldn't have Mcdonalds yesterday 'cuz coach Sean said it's bad' lol. You made an impression and are helping keep the love of hockey in them. Thank you for a great week!" - Trina Powels


"Just a quick note to say thanks again for a great camp last week. Both Ethan and Emma had a great time and came away with some real goals to work on this season. Ethan is very enthusiastic about working with you again in the near future. Thanks again." - Chris Coyte


"I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful camp. Jake, once again, loved every moment of it. My husband said Jake played awesome in his next tournament. It was quite apparent that he has raised the level of his game. Many parents were complimenting his play and his attitude. One game, the players on the other team clearly flagged him as a threat. Without a doubt, we have you to thank. Jake was ranked #4 overall in the 2005 category this weekend with points. I wish Mike had recorded it because on his first goal...he did the Style Big Club dance." - Heather Knieling, mom of '05 player


"Luke was a big fan of your camp this past week. He told me it is the best sports camp he has ever been in. And he is in travel hockey, football, and baseball. Thank you for motivating my son, and I hope to receive future camp information from you." - John Alpeter