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The Style Big Club offers full time goaltending curriculum that integrates our goalies (1-4 goalies max per camp) with the entire Style Big Club camp experience. We prepare our goaltending members with the same time-tested teaching methods we have used with our skaters for more than a decade. We focus on proper muscle memory, correction, and repetition on the ice, as well as the mental aspect and confidence required to effectively master a skill. Our goalies also participate in our explosive muscle-building off-ice portion to ensure they have the physical strength to compete at the highest level.


When you attend a Style Big Club "Tendy Nation" Event, you will not be disappointed!! We are so confident in our platform, that if you are not completely satisfied with your Style Big Club camp experience we will refund your investment in full PLUS 10%!

GOALIES...Here's what you get when you join the club!

1 on 1 goalie instruction

Our goalie nation members receive the most personal attention possible in our training events. Individual correction is live time!

Our Goal

We strive to help the “tendy” nation discover and enhance efficiency in building “their house” through skating/footwork, movement, body control, tracking/puck awareness, and mindset/save selection.

The Camp Experience

We give our Tendy Nation the position specific training along side of the "total camp experience". Watch our skaters take on the Tendy Nation!

Our Platform

Our goalie members receive 100% goalie specific training including On Ice, Off Ice training techniques and Classroom sessions to develop the best habits in our Style Big Club goalie members!

“I want to thank you again for the great camp this week. I also wanted to share that the feedback form [Dallon received] was the most comprehensive and actionable feedback that we have ever received since Dallon has been a goalie.”

Trent McKinster

"I cannot thank you enough for including goalies in your Style Big Club camps. Grant is really enjoying his time at camp this week. He especially likes working with Dom, one of your goalie coaches. He feels he can relate to him because he is younger and is an awesome goalie. Grant speaks very highly of how much coaching he feels he is receiving from Dom. He says that he is teaching him to be a much better skater, especially laterally! Thank you so much for including goalies in the club. "

Tania Murray

"Based upon a trusted coach’s recommendation, we signed up for a Style Big Club hockey clinic. From the moment we registered, we realized this was going to be a great experience for our son. The correspondence from Coach Berens was immediate and always helpful. Upon check-in, our nervous goalie was enthusiastically greeted by a very experienced and helpful coaching staff. Inclusiveness and development started as soon as we walked into the ice arena. Despite a rigorous training day both on and off the ice, our son was highly motivated to go back. He spoke fondly of the off-ice exercises, one-on-one time with Coach Dom and how positive the experience was. After the second practice, our son played a game for a pond league and what he learned through Style Big Club was obvious. His movement, skating and motivation level was clearly enhanced. Thanks to SBC, Tim’s even more excited and better prepared to be part of the goalie nation."

Shaun Ferguson

"Coach Brooke was great with accommodating my son Matthew who is 06 goalie with younger goalies. No goalie was ever made to feel left out or left behind due to age or skill level. She was always enthusiastic and positive with constructive feedback. All of the coaching staff were very professional and great with the players.The tokens for swag was a great motivation tool. Matthew will be proudly wearing his token earned SB baseball cap. We look forward to working with Style Big Club again."

Renee Lyon