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2024 *GOALIE* Training Camp - Troy Sportsplex, Michigan - All Ages DEPOSIT $399.00

$ 399.00

Buffalo Wild Wings Arena (formally known as Troy Sportsplex)

***Goalies will receive minimum 2 and maximum of 6 ice sessions per day (based on number of attendees) at no extra cost***

Monday - Friday, June 24-28

AGE Groups: 2010 & Older // 2011-2012 // 2013-2014 // 2015-2016 // 2016 and younger

TOTAL COST - $599 ($200 Balance due at camp check-in)

If there is a position in hockey that needs specific is the GOALIE position!!!  This summer the Style Big Club will offer our highly skilled FULL TIME goalie coach at the 5 Day Skill Building Camps.  Goaltenders will be taught proper muscle memory in the 1st training hour, followed by game application in the 2nd, and off ice strength drills! Lateral push, hand position, stick control, and angles will be focused on each day for the absolute BEST week of training your goalie will see!  If you are not completely satisfied with your week at the Style Big Club, we will return your investment in FULL + 10%!

This Event will focus on age-specific skill development through proper muscle memory repetition and correction along with an explosive off-ice muscle building portion. Skating, angles, rebound control, game applications and mental focus will be taught at this event. 

Each player will receive a Style Big Club jersey, decal, carry bag, bracelet, as well as a personal evaluation.

Please include the player's name (nickname), birthdate and current club/level in the "Special Instructions" section that will appear when you add this camp to the cart. If you purchase more than 1 space, please leave all participating players' names, birthdates, and current club/level!

Also, be sure to include your phone number in the space provided.  

All goalies will be assigned to their age group camp.

YES...we have lots of coaches to help your skater with equipment adjustments and tying skate laces!  

Estimated schedule:  Drop off 8:00am pick up 2:00pm

 =Full schedules will be released 1 week prior to the camp start date!